About the Group

I have recently become auditor of the NUI Galway Postgraduate Modelling Group. I have taken over from Eoghan Staunton, who was the auditor from 2015-2018. The group gives research students in applied mathematics a chance to meet once a week to discuss some aspect of their individual research topics.

Participating in this group has been of great benefit to students and we are keen to always add to our membership and attendance. Although the group is mainly focused on modelling and applied mathematics, contributions in all areas of mathematics are welcome and many students studying pure mathematics have joined the group and contributed talks recently.

There are usually two presentations each week from NUI Galway students or a single presentation from an external speaker. A presentation by an NUI Galway student should generally be 10-15 minutes long with 5 minutes allocated to questions from the rest of the group. However, it is possible to request a longer or shorter talk in order to prepare for a conference or similar.

If you wish to attend any of the meetings feel free to come along. Please contact me if you would like to contribute a talk on any area of mathematics or if you have any questions.

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Previous Seminars and Events

Below you can find a list of titles of presentations given to the NUI Galway Modelling Research Group by members and guests of the group. PDF copies of slides are also provided where available.

Previous Seminars 2019-2020

06/03/20Kelvin Killeen - Constructing knotted manifolds.
21/02/20Pearce Harney-Nolan - Tackle Classification using GPS data.
14/02/20Richard Burke - Communication in flocking models.
07/02/20Hannah Conroy Broderick - Electroelastic waves and the snap-through instability.
31/01/20Harold Berjamin - The KZ(K) nonlinear wave equation.
24/01/20Peter Phelan - DGA Structures on Minimal Resolutions of Binomial Idelas.
29/11/19Bin Wu - Free vibrations of hollow spheres submerged in a complex fluid.
15/11/19Kelvin Killeen - Computation of homology with local coefficients.
08/11/19Faiza Alssaedi - Coercive system for a fourth-order real-valued singularly perturbed problem.
25/10/19Hannah Conroy Broderick - Electroelastic waves in dielectric plates.
18/10/19Aoife Hill - Stretching a polymer network.
Vinh Mai - The kinetics of bisubstrate enzymes with product inhibition.
11/10/19Róisín Hill - Bakhvalov meshes and MMPDEs.
04/10/19Pearce Harney-Nolan - Tackle Classification.
Cian O'Brien - Alternating Sign Matrices and Latin Squares.
27/09/19Eoghan Staunton - Stochastic Zero-Time Discontinuity Mappings
Roberto Galizia - Master Stability Function: an Introduction.

Christmas Blitz, 11 December 2018

Talk 1 Gianmario Varchetta
Talk 2 Pearce Harney-Nolan
Talk 3 Roberto Galizia
Talk 4 Eoghan Staunton
Talk 5 Richard Burke
Talk 6 Petri Piiroinen

Previous Seminars 2018-2019

18/04/19Hannah Conroy Broderick - Wrinkling Instabilities in Soft Dielectric Plates
12/04/19Cian O'Brien - Alternating Signed Bipartite Graph Colourings: The General Case
29/03/19Pearce Harney-Nolan - Analysis of Premiership GPS Motion Data
15/03/19James Blackwell - Poynting Effect in simple shear
Aoife Hill - Mathematical Modelling of Biodegradable Polymers
08/03/19Vinh Mai - Models for the kinetics of enzymes with product inhibition
Nikolaos Pantelidis - Riordan Arrays
01/03/19Eoghan Staunton - Boundary Noise in Chua's Circuit
Hannah Conroy Broderick - Charge-controlled dielectric plates
15/02/19Hieu Ha Van - Almost-nonsingular Entry Pattern Matrices
Roberto Galizia - Global transitions of multistable networks via pinning control: a comparison among control strategies
08/02/19Cian O'Brien - ASBG-Colourings of Unicyclic and Cycle-Edge-Disjoint Graphs
Róisín Hill - Adapted a posteriori meshes for Burgers’ equation
30/11/18Gianmario Varchetta - Control of a model of competition between two animal species
Pearce Harney-Nolan - Preventing Sports Injuries Through Motion Capture
23/11/18James Blackwell - Finding brain tumors with ultrasound
Faiza Alssaedi - A positive definite system of real-valued singularly perturbed problems
16/11/18Daher Al Baydli, Wasit University - Fuzzy Mathematics
02/11/18Hannah Conroy Broderick - Stability of charge-controlled dielectric plates
Eoghan Staunton - Dealing with Discontinuity Boundaries
26/10/18Vinh Mai - Glucose Phosphorylation
Hieu Ha Van - Nonsingular Entry Pattern Matrices
19/10/18Roberto Galizia - Coupling normal forms via linear connection
Aoife Hill - Biodegradable polymers: Towards an updated model
12/10/18Qays Shakir - On Some Kinds of Contact Graphs
Róisín Hill - Adapted a posteriori meshes
05/10/18Cian O'Brien - ASBG-Colourings of Trees
Faiza Alssaedi - 4th order real-valued singularly perturbed problems
28/09/18Harold Berjamin, Aix-Marseille Université - Internal-variable modeling of solids with slow dynamics

Conference Preparation Day, 8 June 2018

14:00-14:25 Eoghan Staunton - Noise and Multistability in the Square Root Map
14:25-14:50 Paul Greaney - Inhomogeneous Thinning and Breakdown of Thin Dielectric Elastomers
14:50-15:15 Faiza Alssaedi - Parameter robust methods for second-order complex-valued reaction-diffusion equations
15:15-15:45 --------------------BREAK--------------------
15:45-16:10 Roberto Galizia - Phase Transitions of Multistable Networks via Switching Control
16:10-16:35 Vinh Mai - Modelling hyaluronan degradation by Streptococcus pneumoniae hyaluronate lyase

Previous Seminars 2017-2018

20/04/18Michael Welby - Genus g Zhu Recursion for Vertex Operator Algebras
Hannah Conroy Broderick - Wrinkles in Soft Dielectric Plates
13/04/18Eoghan Staunton - An Introduction to Noisy Saltation
Roberto Galizia - Stick-slip dynamics of slider blocks under discontinuous forcing
23/03/18Vinh Mai - Hyaluronan Biosynthesis
Hieu Ha Van - Existence of nonsingular Entry pattern matrices
16/03/18Aoife Hill - Modelling the evolving ductility of biodegradable polymers
Davide Di Palo - Supercritical Pitchfork Bifurcation Networks: Global Control
09/03/18Dr Taisiya Sigaeva, University of Calgary - Soft materials: experiments, theory and applications
23/02/18Róisín Hill - Mesh generation using a balanced norm for singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems
Faiza Alssaedi - Numerical solution of a complex-valued singularly perturbed differential equation
16/02/18Daher Al Baydli - Computation Steenrod Square of finite groups
09/02/18Cian O'Brien - A Characterisation of Clique Graphs
Michael Welby - Genus Two Zhu Theory for Fermionic VOSAs II
02/02/18Qays Shakir - Building Sparse Graphs by Inductive Operations
Christine Marshall - Identifying Influential Nodes to Inhibit Bootstrap Percolation on Hyperbolic Networks
26/01/18Roberto Galizia - Analysis of Multistable Networks
Hannah Conroy-Broderick - Instabilities in Soft Dielectric Plates
24/11/17Nadim Atiya, Ulster University - Dynamics of Decision Confidence and Change-of-Mind in a Distributed Neural Circuit Model
17/11/17Eoghan Staunton - Steady-State Deviation Distributions in the Square Root Map
Vinh Mai - A scheme for Hyaluronan catabolism
10/11/17Faiza Alssaedi - Parameter robust methods for second-order complex-valued reaction-diffusion equations
Daher Al Baydli - Naturality and Bockstein homomorphism
03/11/17Aoife Hill - Biodegradable Polymers: An Introduction
Hieu Ha Van - Counting the number of Entry pattern matrices
27/10/17Róisín Hill - Discontinuous Galerkin Methods and FEniCS
Michael Welby - Genus Two Zhu Theory for Fermionic VOSAs I
20/10/17Cian O'Brien - Alternating Sign Matrices and Their Corresponding Bipartite Graphs
Qays Shakir - Self-Stress in Rigidity Theory
13/10/17Christine Marshall - Targeting influential nodes for recovery in bootstrap percolation on hyperbolic networks
Hannah Conroy-Broderick - Instabilities in Dielectric Elastomers
06/10/17Robert Mangan - Wrinkles and Creases in Bending and Unbending of a Cylindrical Sector
Paul Greaney - A Stretch-Gradient Model for Membrane Thickness Variations
29/09/17Eoghan Staunton - Noise, Deviation Distributions and Multistability in the Square Root Map
Roberto Galizia- Dynamics of multistable networks

Previous Seminars 2016-2017

07/04/17Richard Burke - Conference Preparation Talk
31/03/17Michael Welby - Genus Two n-point Functions for VOAs II
Cian O'Brien- Alternating Signed Bipartite Graphs
24/03/17Qays Shakir - Degrees of Freedom in Rigidity Theory
Roberto Galizia- Lqr control of complex networks
10/03/17Hannah Conroy Broderick - Equibiaxial Deformations in Dielectric Elastomers
03/03/17Ha Van Hieu - The Distribution of rank of Completions of Entry Pattern Matrices
Robert Mangan - Wrinkles in the opening angle method
24/02/17Paul Greaney - Membranes and Thinning
Eoghan Staunton - Error Distributions in the Square Root Map with Additive Noise
17/02/17Richard Burke - 3d flocking
Faiza Alssaedi - Maximum Principles in Differential Equations
10/02/17Michael Welby - Genus Two n-point Functions for VOAs I
Daher Al-Baydli - Computations Induced homology and cohomology homomorphism
03/02/17Cian O'Brien - An Introduction to Alternating Sign Matrices
27/01/17Roberto Galizia - Convex optimization: an introduction
Hannah Conroy Broderick - Modelling Electroelastic Materials
20/01/17Arkady Zgonnikov - Modeling noise-driven control activation in intermittent balance control
Vinh Mai - Enzymatic degradation of Hyaluronic acid
13/01/17Qays Shakir - Continuous Rigidity and Infinitesimal Rigidity; When They Agree?
Arkady Zgonnikov - Intermittent motor control: The case for intrinsically stochastic control activation
02/12/16Robert Mangan - Guided waves in pre-stressed hyperelastic plates and tubes
Paul Greaney - Axisymmetric membrane deformations
25/11/16Eoghan Staunton - Noise and Multistability in the Square Root Map
Richard Burke - Finding Flocks
18/11/16Cian O'Brien - The Distributions of Distinct Non-Zero Ranks in 2-d Subspaces of M_n(F_q)
Faiza Alssaedi - Numerical Analysis of Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations.
11/11/16Qays Shakir - Sparse and Tight Graphs in Rigidity Theory
Roberto Galizia - Non-linear dynamics of stick-slip systems
04/11/16Dr KongFatt Wong-Lin, University of Ulster - How to mathematically model a neuron
28/10/16Robert Mangan - The Inflation of Spherical Balloons
Michael Welby - Genus One Zhu Recursion for Vertex Operator Superalgebras
21/10/16Hannah Conroy Broderick - An Introduction to Electro-active Elastomers and Soft Robotics
Paul Greaney - More on Membranes
14/10/16Eoghan Staunton - Noise Induced Transitions in the Nordmark Square Root Map
Richard Burke - Flocking Modules
07/10/16Faiza Alssaedi - Epsilon-Uniformly Convergent Fitted Methods for Linear Reaction-Diffusion Problems
Cian O'Brien - Counting Matrices with a given Rank and Stable Rank over M_n(F_q)
30/09/16Andrea Aleni - Decision space visualizations of mouse tracking data
Robert Mangan - Solids with a linear response in simple shear and torsion
23/09/16Paul Greaney - Membrane Mechanics
Michael Welby - Vertex Operator Superalgebras
16/09/16Eoghan Staunton - Noise and Multistability
Richard Burke - Modelling Swarms

Previous Seminars 2015-2016

13/05/16 John Donohue, University of Limerick - Sulphur Cycling in Soil
15/04/16Andrea Aleni - Decision space analysis using movement to characterize dynamic decision process
08/04/16Roberto Galizia - Distributed Decisions on Complex Networks I
Robert Mangan - Acoustics of the Brain
18/03/16Michael Welby - n-point Functions for Genus One Bosonic VOAs I
Richard Burke - Flocking Models
11/03/16Eoghan Staunton - Noise, Hysteresis, Time Delay and the Resolution of a Two-Fold Singularity
26/02/16Shane Burns, University of Edinburgh - Discrete Element Modelling
03/12/15SIAM Student Chapter - SIAM Student Chapter Conference
27/11/15Michael Welby - Introduction to Modular Forms
Roberto Galizia - Earthquakes as Filipov Systems: Model Analysis
20/11/15Eoghan Staunton - The Importance of Noise in Dynamical Systems
Paul Greaney - Static Equilibrium Configurations of a Model Red Blood Cell
13/11/15Roberto Galizia - Earthquakes as Stick-Slip Systems: Application of Filippov Theory
Richard Burke - More Modified PDEs
06/11/15Michael Welby - Introduction to Vertex Algebras
Paul Greaney - Modelling Considerations for Nanoparticle Toxicity
23/10/15Eoghan Staunton - Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems With Noise: An Introduction
16/10/15Paul Greaney - Nanoparticle Toxicity: An Introduction
Richard Burke - Evolving Networks: An Introduction

Record of Previous Seminars 2012/2013 - 2014/2015

Thanks to John Donohue who recorded the titles of all presentations given in the group from 2012/2013 - 2014/2015. This list of titles can be seen below and shows the diverse range of topics covered by the group so far.

Previous Seminars 2014-2015

11/05/15John Donohue - SIAM DS15 Practice Talk
Richard Burke - Modified PDEs
27/04/15Paul Greaney - Assumptions and parameters for nanoparticle toxicity
John Donohue - Collapses in migratory populations
20/04/15Artur Gower - The Mathematics of Paths in GO
Richard Burke - End of the Envelopes
23/03/15John Donohue - BAMC Talk
Shane Burns - BAMC Talk
16/03/15Richard Burke - More flocking
Paul Greaney - Age-structured models
02/03/15Artur Gower - GO AI II
John Donohue - Generalist predation on seasonal migrants II
23/02/15Paul Greaney - An Age-Structured Model for Nanoparticle Toxicity
Shane Burns - Dynamics of a slender rod impacting a periodically-oscillating surface: II
16/02/15John Donohue - Generalist predation on seasonal migrants
Richard Burke - Flocking
09/02/15Artur Gower - GO AI
Shane Burns - Dynamics of a slender rod impacting a periodically-oscillating surface: I
08/12/14Paul Greaney - A Mechanical Model for Nanoparticle Uptake
01/12/14Eoghan Staunton - Node Growth II
Richard Burke - Envelopes
24/11/14John Donohue - Seasonal migration as a survival mechanism
Shane Burns - Rigid-body velocity changes: Choosing an independent variable I
17/11/14Paul Greaney - Modelling Cellular Uptake of Nanoparticles
Artur Gower - Programming Intelligence
10/11/14Eoghan Staunton - Node Growth
Richard Burke - Finding envelopes
03/11/14Shane Burns - Rigid-body impact with friction
Paul Greaney - Modelling Nanoparticle Uptake and Toxicity
24/10/14John Donohue - Density-dependent compensation in newborn birds
Artur Gower - A General Criteria for Intelligence and Applications to AI
17/10/14Eoghan Staunton - Spatial Network Growth and Development Economics
Richard Burke - Loads of envelopes
10/10/14John Donohue - Climate change effects on a real population
Shane Burns - Impacts with friction
02/10/14Paul Greaney - Introduction to Flow Cytometry
Artur Gower - Oblique Wrinkles
25/09/14Eoghan Staunton - Spatial Network Growth and Development Economics
Richard Burke - Evolving networks - an introduction
18/09/14John Donohue - Predation and seasonal migration
Shane Burns - Impacts with friction

Previous Seminars 2013-14

23/05/14Shane Burns - Model considerations for impacts with friction
16/05/14Kevin Doherty - Further Applications of the Autophosphorylation Model
John Donohue - Seasonality and reproductive success
09/05/14Eoghan Staunton - The impact of the skill-space
Richard Burke - Error envelopes
02/05/14Shane Burns - The early history of impact mechanics
Artur Gower - Using an on board camera to track a train's motion
11/04/14John Donohue - Optimal timing of breeding decisions
Kevin Doherty - A Four-Step Model of Aurora B Activation
26/03/14Eoghan Staunton - A Basic Spatial Network Model of Economic Development II
Richard Burke - Gain Evolutions: Local and Global
19/03/14John Donohue - Adaptations to climate change in migrant populations II
Shane Burns - Chattering considerations for the case of a slender rod with impact and friction II
12/03/14Eoghan Staunton - A Basic Spatial Network Model of Economic Development I
Kevin Doherty - A Two-Step Model of Aurora B Activation
05/03/14Richard Burke - Network Gain Evolutions
26/02/14Kevin Doherty - Autophosphorylating Proteins
19/02/14Shane Burns - Chattering considerations for the case of a slender rod with impact and friction I
John Donohue - Adaptations to climate change in migrant populations I
12/02/14Eoghan Staunton - Spatial Economic Development: A Network Theory Approach
Peter White - A simple data assimilation problem in 2 dimensions
05/02/14Artur Gower - Intro to Residually Stressed Solids
Richard Burke - A network evolution model
29/01/14John Donohue - Seasonal migration models
Shane Burns - Impacts with friction
06/12/13Kevin Doherty - Autophosphorylation Kinetics
Shane Burns - Magnetic Bearings
29/11/13Kevin Doherty - Cell biology
John Donohue - Seasonal breeding and climate change
22/11/13Richard Burke - Counting triangles
Peter White - Data Assimilation for a Gaussian Pulse
15/11/13Shane Burns - The Painlevé Paradox revisited
Eoghan Staunton - The International Trade Network in Space and Time
08/11/13Peter White - Maximum principles with finite differences
John Donohue - A switching model of seasonal migration
01/11/13Richard Burke - Network generation and metrics
Eoghan Staunton - Networks - Spatial Growth Models
25/10/13John Donohue - Modelling seasonal reproduction
Shane Burns - The Painlevé Paradox revisited
18/10/13Eoghan Staunton - Network Models in Economics
Peter White - Solving Differential Equations using Finite Difference schemes
11/10/13Shane Burns - A classification problem in impact mechanics
Richard Burke - Networks and bifurcations
04/10/13Peter White - An introduction
John Donohue - An overview of predator-prey models
27/09/13Richard Burke - Networks, dynamics and decisions
Eoghan Staunton - An introduction
17/09/13John Donohue - Seasonal migration models
Shane Burns - Impacts with friction

Previous Seminars 2012-13

25/04/13Shane Burns - Some assumptions
Kevin Doherty - DNA binding reactions
11/04/13John Donohue - A dynamical systems approach to modelling migration
Petri Piiroinen - Switching Systems IV
04/04/13Kevin Doherty - Microtubules
Martin Meere - Mathematical Modelling of Tumour Growth II
21/03/13John Donohue - Stability of periodic orbits in a PDE system
Shane Burns - An Energetic Bound on the Coefficent of Friction II
14/03/13Kevin Doherty - Aurora B
Petri Piiroinen - Switching Systems III
07/03/13Martin Meere - Mathematical Modelling of Tumour Growth I
Shane Burns - An Energetic Bound on the Coefficent of Friction
28/02/13John Donohue - The Lotka-Volterra model with seasonal migration
Petri Piiroinen - Switching Systems II
14/02/13Shane Burns - The History of Impact Mechanics II
Kevin Doherty - RNA
07/02/13John Donohue - Numerical solutions of a migrating population problem
Petri Piiroinen - Switching systems I
31/01/13Shane Burns - The early history of impact mechanics
Kevin Doherty - Protein binding reactions
24/01/13Kevin Doherty - DNA binding reactions
John Donohue - Flux and growth of a migrating population
17/01/13Shane Burns - Parameter and inertial effects of the critical impulse ratio
John Donohue - Numerical solutions to some convection-diffusion problems
14/12/12Shane Burns - The coefficient of friction II
Kevin Doherty - CENP-A Loading
05/12/12Shane Burns - The coefficient of friction I
John Donohue - Examples of seasonal migration II
28/11/12Petri Piiroinen - Filippov systems II
Kevin Doherty - Parameter estimation
23/11/12Petri Piiroinen - Filippov systems I
John Donohue - Examples of seasonal migration I
16/11/12Shane Burns - The Validity Of The Impact Laws In The Limiting Case
Kevin Doherty - CENP-A Loading
09/11/12Vishu Guttal - Computational models of collective behaviour
02/11/12Kevin Doherty - Biology by the numbers II
John Donohue - Discretization of reaction-diffusion system
26/10/12John Donohue - A reaction-diffusion approach to seasonal migration (II)
Shane Burns - Generalised Impact law for a 2D rigid body in the presence of Coulomb Friction
19/10/12Shane Burns - Comparison of Impact Laws continued
Kevin Doherty - Biology by the numbers
12/10/12Kevin Doherty - Centromere Protein-A
John Donohue - A reaction-diffusion approach to seasonal migration
05/10/12John Donohue - "The importance of being discrete"
Shane Burns - The impact law
28/09/12Shane Burns - The Painleve Paradox
Kevin Doherty - The cell cycle
21/09/12Kevin Doherty - Cell biology
John Donohue - Preliminary analysis of seasonal migration model
14/09/12John Donohue - Introduction to my research topic
Shane Burns - An introduction to impacting systems