The 5th de BrÚn Workshop

Groups, Combinatorics, Computing

11 APRIL - 16 APRIL, 2011


The primary aim of the Workshop is to bring together experts in group theory and combinatorics, to discuss computational and algorithmic aspects that have recently emerged at the interface of both subjects. Three short lecture courses will be delivered by leading experts, providing an introduction to the state-of-the-art and frontier research in each area. There will also be contributed research talks. The Workshop is envisaged as a forum to discuss strategic approaches and the main open problems to be solved in the development of each area. It will be beneficial and suitable both for early-stage researchers (including PhD students), as well as more established experts.

The workshop is supported by the de Brún Centre for Computational Algebra; the Millennium Fund of NUI Galway; and the Office of the Registrar and Deputy President, NUI Galway.

Principal Lecturers

•    Prof. Martin Liebeck (Imperial College London)

•    Prof. Cheryl Praeger (University of Western Australia)

•    Prof. Leonard Soicher (Queen Mary University of London)


 A. Detinko, D. Flannery, E. O'Brien

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Workshop photos are available here