Michel Destrade

Hello and welcome. With this website you can find out about my academic work by clicking on the tabs above. In short, I am a French Applied Mathematician with a background in Physics and Engineering.
I joined NUI Galway in 2010, to conduct research, lecture and contribute to the running of the School of Mathematics.

Currently, my research interests are mostly in the field of biomechanics. Basically I try to model, describe and predict the mechanical behaviour of soft solids such as gels and soft tissues, including the skin and the brain. I rely on experimental data to guide me, coming from mechanical tests or acoustic measurements.


Professor Michel Destrade
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics,
NUI Galway, University Road,
Galway, Ireland.
phone: +353-91-49-2344 | mobile: +353-83-351-3598
email: michel.destrade@nuigalway.ie | skype: michel.destrade