Professor Michel Destrade

Professor Michel Destrade

Head of Applied Mathematics

Research groups (internal) Stokes Cluster;  Biomechanics Research Centre
Research groups (external) International Brain Mechanics and Trauma Lab
Grants  FP7, IRC, SFI
Research keywords     nonlinear elasticity, elastic waves, biomechanics of skin and brain matter, instability of soft matter
Research description lift from IRIS when it's back online
Project proposal 1 Modelling, testing and simulating the mechanical behaviour of brain matter
Project proposal 2 Modelling, testing and simulating the mechanical behaviour of skin
Prof. Michael Tuite

Prof. Michael Tuite

Lecturer in Applied Mathematics

Michael Tuite earned a B.Sc. in Mathematical Science in 1978, an M.Sc. in 1979 and a Ph.D. in Theoretical High Energy Physics in 1984 from the University of Cambridge. Michael spent four years at Trinity College Dublin as a post-doctoral fellow, one year at Dublin City University as a contract lecturer and two years as a research scholar at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. Michael joined the Department of Mathematical Physics in 1990. Michael has collaborated with a number of theoretical physicists and mathematicians with a strong research link with the Univ. California Santa Cruz. He has also been invited to many international centres in the past number of years such as the Univ. of Cambridge, ITEP Moscow, Tokyo University, Ohio State Univ., University of Montreal and Imperial College London.
Dr Niall Madden

Dr Niall Madden

Lecturer in Mathematics

Lecturer in Mathematics at NUI Galway. Biography:
  • BSc (Mathematics and Computing) University College Galway, 1994.
  • MSc (Mathematics) University College Cork, 1996
  • PhD (Mathematics) NUI Cork, 2000




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