Groups in Galway 2005

The annual conference 'Groups in Galway' will be held at National University of Ireland, Galway, this year
on 12-14 May. The current conference is in honour of Professor Martin Newell. The scope of the conference
covers all areas of group theory, applications, and related fields. All who are interested are invited to attend.

The list of speakers is:

Dr Colin Campbell (St Andrews)
Dr Rex Dark (NUI, Galway)
Dr Warwick de Launey (Center for Communications Research, USA)
Professor Alla Detinko (NUI, Galway/Belarus)
Professor Francesco de Giovanni (Universita di Napoli)
Professor Hermann Heineken (Universitaet Wuerzburg)
Professor Luise-Charlotte Kappe (SUNY)
Professor Tom Laffey (UC Dublin)
Dr John McDermott (NUI, Galway)
Professor Des MacHale (UC Cork)
Professor Robert F. Morse (University of Evansville, USA)
Dr Rachel Quinlan (UC Dublin)
Dr Geoff Smith (Bath)
Professor Stewart Stonehewer (Warwick)

Talks will be held in the Dillon Lecture Theatre (Arts Concourse, NUI, Galway; the area numbered 15 on
this campus map). Here is a provisional schedule of the talks:

Thursday 12 May

2.15-2.30           Opening address by Professor Seán Tobin

2.30-3.15           McDermott, On theorems of Higman and Wielandt

3.15-4.00           Quinlan, p-Groups and spaces of alternating bilinear forms

4.00-4.30           Coffee/tea

4.30-5.15           Laffey, Jordan forms in small charactersistic

5.15-6.00           Stonehewer, Some new results on quasinormal subgroups

Friday 13 May

10.00-10.45      de Giovanni, Groups with few normalizer subgroups

11.00-11.45       Smith, Cyclizers and a question of Peter Cameron

11.45-12.15       Coffee/tea

12.15-1.00         de Launey, Group Actions on Paley Matrices

1.00-2.30           Lunch

2.30-3.15           Kappe, Variations on a theme of Desmond MacHale  abstract

3.15-4.00           MacHale, Some supersolvability conditions for finite groups

4.00-4.30           Coffee/tea

4.30-5.15           Campbell, The Fibonacci lengths of binary polyhedral groups and related groups  abstract

5.15-6.00           Morse, Advances in computing the nonabelian tensor square of polycyclic groups  abstract

Saturday 14 May

10.00-10.45       Detinko, Locally nilpotent linear groups

10.45-11.30       Heineken, Groups all of whose cyclic subgroups are p-groups

11.30-12.00       Coffee/tea

12.00-12.45       Dark, Two problems in group theory

DINNER: a conference dinner will be held on the evening of Friday 13. To get an idea of numbers,
it would be appreciated if conference attendees who wish to go to the dinner let one of the organizers
know by e-mail.

For further information please contact one of the conference organizers:
Jim Cruickshank  james.cruickshank@nuigalway.ie  or
Dane Flannery dane.flannery@nuigalway.ie.

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Postscript: photographs from the conference  12