Prof John Hinde

Professor of Statistics

Research interests

  • Statistical Modelling
  • Statistical Computing

Research overview

Selected publications

  • Hinde, J.P. and Demétrio, C.G.B (1998) Overdispersion: Models and estimation. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis., 27, 151-170.
  • Ridout, M.S., Hinde, J.P. and Demétrio, C.G.B (2001) A score test for testing a zero-inflated Poisson regression model against zero-inflated negative binomial alternatives. Biometrics, 57, 219-223.
  • Coffey, Norma, Hinde, John and Holian, Emma (2014) Clustering longitudinal profiles using P-splines and mixed effects models applied to time-course gene expression data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 71, 14-29.
  • Papageorgio, G, and Hinde, J.P. (2012) Multivariate Generalized Linear Models with Semi- and Smooth Nonparametric Random Effects. Statistics and Computing, 22, 79-92.
  • Alvarez-Iglesias, A., Newell, J. Scarrott, C. and Hinde, J. (2015) Summarising censored survival data using the mean residual life function. Statistics in Medicine, to appear.