Dr. Haixuan Yang


Research interests

  • Bioinformatics & statistical modelling, especially of network data

Research overview

My focus is in Bioinformatics & Statistical Modelling, especially of network data such as protein-protein interactions, co-expression, and functional similarity. A bio-molecular network can be viewed as a collection of nodes, representing the bio-molecules, connected by links, representing relations between the bio-molecules. I am working on inferring valuable information from bio-molecular networks.

Selected publications

  • H. Yang, T. Nepusz, & A. Paccanaro. Improving GO semantic similarity measures by exploring the ontology beneath the terms and modelling uncertainty. Bioinformatics, 2012.
  • P. C. Havugimana et al. A census of human soluble protein complexes. Cell, 2012.
  • H. Ma, H. Yang, I. King, & M. R. Lyu. Semi-nonnegative matrix factorization with global statistical consistency for collaborative filtering. CIKM, 2009.
  • H. Yang, I. King, & M. R. Lyu. Learning with consistency between inductive functions and kernels. NIPS, 2008.
  • H. Yang, I. King, & M. R. Lyu. DiffusionRank: a possible penicillin for Web spamming. SIGIR, 2007.